Hotel Concierge with AI

Surpass customer expectations by converting your hotel into Intelligent Hotel that leverages AI for customer service & beyond.

Trilyo Engage is an intelligent virtual assistant helping guests with travel planning and virtual butler

Why Engage?

Voice based virtual butler in-room

Voice-Activated Services

Experience enhancer for hotel guests

Experience Enhancer

Concierge services enabled on voice for hotels

Smart Concierge Services

A perfect travel companion that helps guests plan their day and help hotel in cross-selling their services

Virtual Travel Companions

AI driven smart virtual assistant for in-room experience

Voice Concierge

AI driven smart virtual assistant

Your guests don’t need to get out of bed to turn off the lights or set thermostat or even play music. Meet Trilyo’s AI-driven smart virtual assistant that stays with guest 24x7; before, during and after their journey. Trilyo voice-based services understand and respond immediately to all your guest queries and make sure you are always available for them.

Experience enhancer and on-demand room services

Experience Enhancer

Who doesn’t like to be special?

Trilyo experience enhancer manages your guest's expectation just like any other staff in the hotel. Whether the guest wants to watch a movie, play music, arranging wake-up calls, automated checkout or on-demand room services, we've got you covered for all.

Travel companion to plan guest travel that is powered by AI

Travel Companion

Want to increase your guest satisfaction and grow your revenue?

Trilyo Travel Companion does exactly that for your hotel. Help the guests in day planning, assist them in booking cab & navigation, provide them curated recommendations and create endless opportunity to cross-sell your hotel services.