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Who’s the Best Live Chat, Chatbot or Amazon Alexa?


As we speak, somewhere in the world- a customer or a hotel guest is chatting with an agent to get their job done and to solve the issue. On the other hand, someone who is tech-savvy must have employed a chatbot or a voice-based solution to get the work done and solve the guest issue. The importance of live chat nowadays is huge and no business can skip this step and stay ahead in the curve. In the realm of live chat, perfection doesn’t exist—but some people just happen to possess the characteristics that make them more suited for the role of customer support agent for live chat. If utilized carefully, live chat has the untapped potential to engage guests and boost hotel bookings.

Using live chat can give your hotel an edge in the ever-expanding online presence of the hospitality and travel industry. Right now, the industry is growing at a huge rate, and an increasing number of people are researching, planning, and booking online. In fact, recent research shows travelers can have up to 419 digital ‘moments’ when researching a trip. A millennial traveler is always available on numerous digital platforms and solving their queries with live chat on mobile is quite easy than other conventional and intricate methods.

How to utilize live chat for engaging guests?

Live chat with human agents

To err is human” we all know that! Human makes mistakes and employing even a professional customer care executive or a live chat agent doesn’t guarantee that they won’t make any mistake. Another issue with employing humans to chat with customers is that your business won’t be available 24*7; there will be restriction and you won’t be able to boost your hotel bookings and engage guests in better way.

Also, it is somewhat difficult for a normal live chat agent to solve a customer’s real-time issue. If you’re into hospitality industry you can fathom the pain that a guest has to wait from few minutes to several hours to get their things done from check-in/out to concierge services and more. A guest would have to call the receptionist in the first step and the person will convey the message to the concerned department and now it is all about the availability of the department at that current moment that the issue will get solved or not. It’s a mess! So, what could be better than a human; something that’s more efficient and can be available 24*7. If not human then who can boost your hotel bookings? Let’s think! Yes, a chatbot

Live chat with chatbots

79% of the guest said that they prefer they prefer chatbots over human agent as live chat because they hate to wait in the queue from to get connected. One of the best features of a chatbot that a hotelier can utilize in their business is- a chatbot can be programmed with Artificial Intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to personalize itself according to the guests’ preference and behaviour. Also, it gets smarter every time it converse with a guest; thank you technology! Now, your business is available 24*7 and you won’t have to worry for a human availability. Another amazing fact is now you can free up your staff for better human touch whenever required. This way you can boost your hotel bookings and engage your guests by rendering custom-tailored solutions; it stays with the guest from pre-booking to post stay.

Who is the best live chat agent -1

A chatbot knows your guests’ name, when their flight have arrived, what they demand, likes and dislikes of taste; also it can upsell and cross-sell your other services- a hyper-personalized recommendation to the guest on having a cold-coffee or a mojito or taking an warm experience of your sauna in the spa! This would help you to boost your revenue indirectly (or directly, who cares?) 

Live chat with Amazon Alexa

Now we’re talking about the next-level live chat tool. Yes, that’s voice-based solutions and there are few in the industry who are upping the ante with hands-free conversation. With Amazon Alexa, you won’t even have to type to get the work done. Just say- Hey Alexa, I need a fresh shampoo bottle and voila! After few minutes it will be delivered to you. That’s an amazing future stuff, right?

Voice-based solutions are your digital concierge service & renders you custom-tailored solutions to keep you up-to-date- Trilyo

Now, with Amazon Alexa, you can also also boost your hotel bookings easily by making your brand more relevant. Guests always want something new from a hotel and most of the millennial travelers look for the latest technology to stay connected always. With Amazon Alexa you’re giving something new to them and making them your loyal customers. A device that can know your guests in a way that will astonish you. Voice-based solutions will make your hotel more intelligent and smarter in all ways and you can now have a redefined customer experience that will take your business, guest-engaging capabilities, and scope of hotel bookings to a whole new level that you’ll appreciate for sure.

What we learnt? 

It can be easily understood that utilizing chatbots and voice-based solutions are the best ways to boost bookings and engaging guests. Want to know more? Here’s something from us for your food for thought: Our exclusive eBook on customer management. Grab it here.

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