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Top 6 Myths Unveiled for Hotels and Travel Industry


Many a times, the hospitality industry seems intricate to the hoteliers themselves and they struggle most of the time to increase their booking, revamp their brand recognition, and retarget the guests who already stayed in their hotel for at least once. It’s quite common for the hoteliers to ponder upon slashing the prices to increase the booking and they also think that technology doesn’t play an important role in the hospitality industry. These myths tend to keep hotel managers and hotel marketers away from the real strategies of growing their business and increasing overall profits. So, here are some of the cracked fables that will help a guest as well the hotel managers to understand the industry better and quicker.

Slashing hotel room booking prices

This is the first myth that needs to be debunked because most of the hoteliers think that slashing prices may help them to book rooms, but in actuality it abrades the price integrity of your hotels. Now is the time where a guest is willing to spend more if he/she is getting the quality; they don’t think much for the price.

Cost cutting will not help in better bookings for hotels- Trilyo

So, it is a ‘point to be noted’ that the hoteliers must maintain their credibility at all costs and they must give the best (services and stay to the guests) in order to increase their booking. Slashing rates may have a negative impact on the guests and they might think what is the probable cause for this! Instead of slashing rates, just give better value to them so that they will always come back to you, again, and again!

Staffless hotels

As technology reinvents every stop on the travel journey, the on-site experience is no exception. Guests’ growing comfort with technology is driving several disruptive trends. Staff-less hotels will appeal to independent-minded travelers – and slash human resource and operating-related costs. Guest acceptance of tech-enabled hotel lobbies will green-light hospitality companies’ big bet on the Internet of Things (IoT).

Staffless hotels will soon takeover in the hospitality industry- Trilyo

The staffless hotels will cut your costs to a great extent and you can easily employ chatbots to boost your brand recognition and bookings hassle freely. The chatbots understand the guests; priority and needs, thanks to AI and they respond accordingly. With chatbots, your business is now available 24*7 and you don’t have to rely on employing customer representatives to solve guest queries. Moreover, you can employ the staff for rendering a better human-touch whenever possible and with chatbots you can easily skyrocket your revenue and business (better customer engagement & experience with fewer staff members),

Personalization is not required

Personalization has become something of a buzzword in business these recent years. Rendering personalized services to the guests is of pivotal importance because each and every guest in your hotel has different demand and needs; there’s ‘no one size fits all’ in hospitality. You will have to understand your guests better and in more depth to make your brand more relevant. With personalized services, your guests will become a walking advocate of your hotels (purely pro bono) and with word of mouth marketing and publicity you can attain lots of traction for your business.

Rendering custom-tailored solutions to travelers is the key to success in hospitality- Trilyo

With personalized services, you can render custom-tailored recommendations to your guests; for example- if a guest arrived your hotel after a long flight journey, you can recommend that they can visit your spa section or pool for refreshment and also you can recommend some food items and dishes based on their choice. All these services will make your brand a great one and you can attain better feedback and reviews of your hotel all the time.

Voice-based services are a complete waste

For hospitality, voice-based services brings a world of possibilities, from enabling staff to communicate with each other faster, to offering a new and more remarkable customer experience to hotel guests. While on the subject of guests, it’s important for hoteliers to acknowledge that the modern traveler requires options and diversity. Every day, they are presented with many hotel and accommodations alternatives, offering many different services and features, each of them meant to cater to their specific needs and expectations.

Utilizing voice-based services will skyrocket your hotel business-Trilyo

The millennial travelers are tech-savvy and they demand high tech-standards during their stay in the hotels. Keeping this in mind, the hotels must employ voice-based services; these will act as a digital concierge services and the guests’ query and issues can be solved real-time. This type of services is also able to up-sell and cross-sell your services; for example, your hotel has an inbuilt cafe & playing arena, so with the help of voice-based services you can recommend the guests to visit these areas and also, you can easily notify them about your existing offers and discounts; if any! Voice-based services are trending these days and many hotels are employing these type of services for better guest engagement and increasing their revenues.

Hotel occupancy is everything

Many hoteliers believe that occupancy is everything and they only focus on increasing the occupancy rate; but in reality it’s not everything and they must also focus on retargeting guests. Why it’s important? Because if a guest stays once in your hotel and they’re not coming back to you, how will you increase your guest-base? For this, you must remarket your services to the guests’ on all platform- social media, mobile, emails, and website.

Hotel occupancy is important but giving the best services is crucual in hospitality- Trilyo

Let them know about your latest services, offers, and discounts! Ask them for feedback and reviews and reward them properly (in terms of stay). Boost your demand by employing the latest trends and personalization; make a great guest-persona & work on that without diverting your mind. It is always important to boost your hotel occupancy but it is more important to remarket them so that the guests (who stayed in your hotel once) will know more about you.

Mobile engagement is irrelevant to the business

We all are available on mobile and there are almost 3.4 billion mobile users in the world. So, it is not hard to guess that mobile engagement is a must for the hoteliers. Make your website responsive so that a user can easily see it on their mobile- device (smartphone or a tablet). Utilize breadcrumbs so that a guest can easily navigate your website on their devices. With proper mobile engagement, you can easily boost your brand relevancy and can attain better leads & prospects without breaking sweat.

Retarget the millennial travelers on mobile for better engagement- Trilyo

Mobile engagement is really important and there’s no way to omit it because if you neglect it, the aftermath can be damaging to your brand and business. A hotel can easily acquire leads with mobile. How? By asking the visitor’s name, email, and the other most relevant data to address them directly on mobile. This data can also be repurposed for targeting them, again on all digital platforms and you can build your own community of guests, which would be really awesome!

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