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Top 6 Chatbots that are Transforming the Hospitality Industry


The ‘chatbot’ has been a buzz-word over the past few months across a wide range of industries. In two years time the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse – according to Gartner. 2018 so far has seen an explosion of various chatbots available on popular messaging apps coupled with easier methods of design, implementation and management due to new platforms and integrations available to developers and organisations. All of this in collaboration with access to Artificial Intelligence engines and machine learning tools makes the modern chatbot something which has already started changing the face of the hotel industry.

Chatbots are ideal for customer centric-businesses and destinations. They can serve as 24/7 front-end customer care specialists and they are capable of totally transforming visitor servicing in destinations after hours. Frequently asked questions and inquiries can be answered any time of the day or night, including when travelers are arriving at a hotel and the visitor information centre / welcome centre is closed. With chatbots, the check-in/out is a cakewalk because you don’t have to wait for the staff to solve your query.

Guests are embracing new technologies and apps on a daily basis, and hotel companies are trying their best to also get into the fray by developing their own guest facing applications to drive loyalty. All of this comes during the most fascinating time for the hotel industry as it grapples with the disruption from alternative lodging companies such as Airbnb and HomeAway. To say that all of these dynamics combined to make it difficult for a hotelier to connect and build relationships with their guests would be a major understatement. Chatbots are transforming the entire hospitality niche and is ushering to a new direction that exceeds guests’ expectation every time.

The best thing about a chatbot is that it knows your guests’ name, when their flight have arrived, what they demand, likes and dislikes of taste; also it can upsell and cross-sell your other services- a hyper-personalized recommendation to the guest on having a cold-coffee or a mojito or taking a warm experience of your sauna in the spa! This would help you to boost your revenue indirectly (or directly, who cares?). Now, let us see which are the top 6 chatbots, what they can do and also how are they revolutionizing the guest experience in the hospitality sector.

1. Bebot from Bespoke

Bebot is one of the first ever chatbots that is entirely dedicated to the hospitality industry. Bebot is an AI-powered chatbot that acts as a hotel concierge. It is designed to empower guests through instant, real-time assistance such as exclusive recommendations for both popular and little-known sights in the area, answering questions only hotel staff would know about, or even making restaurant bookings.

Bebot from Bespoke

Japan, being developed by the world’s leading experts in artificial intelligence and data science from 8 countries. Bebot is 100% customized to each establishment. As a tool, it can answer detailed questions impossible to locate in a Google search, and you also have authority over the displayed results. As Bebot results are optimized for the needs of each guest, users can effortlessly find their desired information. Bebot brings 5 star hospitality to guests and business efficiency to the organization. Bebot is able to answer numerous travel related queries and property specific questions, like:

  • Directions
  • Activity bookings
  • Hotel and restaurant bookings
  • Hotel facility questions
  • Request to post reviews
  • Accumulated guest feedback

2. Quicktext from The Colossal Factory

Quicktext is a channel manager of instant communications that combines SMS, instant messaging, live chat, chat bot and Artificial Intelligence in the same interface connected to the PMS. Through Quicktext, the Colossal Factory designs and develops instant communication interfaces tailored to the constraints of travel industry. Quicktext allows us to establish contact with customers before they even meet with them.

Wishing to know if the guests need help organizing their stay, the concierge service is even more efficient! It also allows you to keep the client promptly informed of any information, which allows it to be benefits taken into consideration. Allows guests to contact the hotel at any time on the instant communication channel of their choice. Allows the hotel to send the right message at the right time on the customer’s preferred channel.

What can Quicktext do?

  • Generate and confirm bookings on the go
  • Unmasking guest info from OTA bookings
  • Upsell and cross-selling
  • Redirect to hotel app (if any)
  • Automate frequent responses
  • Guide visitors to the proper information on the website
  • Direct bookings

A Customer’s Testimonial: “We have been using Quicktext for several months…. The return on investment is immediate because only the possibilities of offering up-sell in an almost automated way is an end in itself. The application allows to increase its turnover but also to adapt to the mode of communication (2.0) of our customers … and yet we are aware of not having yet use Quicktext to the height of its full potential!”

3. Hoperator

Hoperator is a complete sales and concierge platform trusted by hotels, vacation rentals, online travel agents, corporate travel managers, hostels, B&B’s and tour operators around the world. With this, you can monitor and intercept leads in real-time with highly targeted, custom messages.


Hoperator is the only messaging platform that combines powerful sales and concierge features with real-time, multi-channel messaging. It not only works similar to the messaging apps you use every day but is designed to fit within the workflows of any travel and hospitality business. Hoperator helps you talk to your website visitors, convert them to customers and engage with them pre, during and post stay to help ensure that their experience is the best.

What can Hoperator do?

  • Live chat and guest messaging
  • Manage your website live chat, email, SMS and Facebook Messenger all from a single, mobile first switchboard
  • Automate highly targeted upsell messages
  • Connect with guests throughout their stay
  • Digital concierge services
  • Real-time translation
  • Personalized and targeted greetings

4. Surbo

Most of the hotel aggregators across the globe have built beautiful interfaces (not so beautiful in some cases) to present to their guest/consumers, but these interfaces only facilitate the discovery and booking part of the business and leave the consumers in a tiff when it comes to other facets. This would mean that a customer would typically have to call up customer support and have his queries resolved. This not only makes it troublesome for the consumer but also for the brand since they have the added overheads of maintaining a team for responding to consumer queries. Now all these can be solved with a single chatbot named- Surbo


Surbo in the travel industry: From standing in queues to booking ticket from the comfort of your phones, the travel sector has gone through a major upgrade in their digital presence. However, in major cases, users may feel a little lost in the digital space especially when it comes to finding a suitable option for millions of offers available. Imagine trying to search for a flight offer, that matches your budget, destination, dates, and comfort using a simple chat window. All these issues can be easily resolved via Surbo.

Additionally, Surbo can assist you in:

  • Hotel bookings
  • Guest feedback
  • Live notifications
  • Set reminders
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Search, Book, and cancel a flight
  • Web check-in
  • Track refund status

5. Zendesk

Zendesk is a platform for support to any customer oriented business for better engagement to scale and meet the demands of a customer with a effective and flexible approach. Zendesk allow businesses to be more reliable, smooth, and scalable. They help to improve the communication over multiple channels and utilize massive amounts of data for personalization. With Zendesk, you can customize your reports and get better & deeper insights into the metrics that matter most for your business.


What can Zendesk do?

  • SupportGuide
  • Live chat and messaging
  • Call-center software
  • Proactive campaigns
  • Knowledge base and self-service
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Ticketing platform

6. Trilyo

For Businesses/hoteliers who struggle to engage with millennial travelers, Trilyo provides next generation customer experience with AI-driven voice & chat based solutions. Trilyo always thrive to exceed the expectations of millennial travelers by rendering hyper-personalized recommendations based on the guests’ priority. Trilyo helps you to provide the next generation customer experience with AI-driven Voice & Chat based solutions that drive better loyalty towards your business.

The best thing about chatbots is that unlike humans, the chatbot never gets exhausted. It works seamlessly; the guests will just need an internet connection, that’s it. It connects brands with customers on everyday messaging platforms and understands whichever language they speak in.


Whereas a staff member can only respond to one phone call or one email at any given time; a bot can handle simultaneous conversations without any limitations whatsoever! If you think that this kind of technology would be expensive, then the truth will surprise you! Because Trilyo chatbot runs on artificial intelligence, it has the capability to handle an unlimited volume of simultaneous conversations without any increase in overhead costs.

Trilyo’s Value Propositions:

Uplifting customer experience with AI

Raise your existing customer experience with our power-packed and AI-backed conversational bot built with inbuilt CRM platform. Capture all the relevant information that you need on the go!

Engaging guests over voice

Boost your brand relevance by rendering hyper-personalized recommendations. Cover all the touchpoints where your customers are already present.

Your coolest tech-partners

Focus only on engaging customers. Solve their real-time queries. Anticipate your guests’ needs before they say something via the best available chatbot in the market.

Trilyo products:

AI Hotel Chatbot

Grow Direct Hotel Bookings with AI Chatbots, Engage Website Visitors in Real-time & Improve Guest Engagement with automated Customer Support.

In-app & Web Notifications

Hotel Marketing hacks to improve website booking conversion rates using push notifications, FOMO Marketing & Conversion Cards.

Direct Booking Boosters

Hoteliers, now increase direct booking conversions with Guest Value Indicator & Sales Auto Reach and maximize hotel revenue with Trilyo’s Booking Boosters.

Rate Parity Engine

Price Intelligence & Rate Shopper tools help your hotel monitor, optimize and maximize hotel revenue by staying ahead of the competition & reducing dependency on OTA.

What can Trilyo do for you?

Grow Direct Bookings

Hotels have been losing 15% of their total online booking revenue to OTAs, hence by increasing direct bookings hotels can lower the cost of acquisition and increase their bottom line in the balance sheet. Using Trilyo’s push notifications and booking boosters, hotels can engage website visitors and turn their booking engine into a direct booking magnet.

Reduce OTA Dependency

Don’t lose your hotel bookings to OTAs. Instead, focus on strategies to increase direct website bookings and improve Brand’s Relevance. Are you also worried about ~25% of OTA commission? We are too! Say no to OTA bookings by streamlining the booking process on your hotel website. Identify the right guest that has a high likeliness to book & increase the direct booking conversion by over 30%.

Maximize Revenue

Irrespective of the type of hotel or number of hotel rooms, maximizing revenue should be one of the top priorities for all hoteliers. Hotel revenue can be maximized if we can significantly increase the percentage of total leads interested to total conversions (customers). Regain up to 10% of lost direct hotel bookings by sending an automated high converting email & cart abandonment reminder and assist your high-quality leads in completing the booking process.

Competitive Advantage

Take control of your hotel price against competitors, build a strategy to maximize revenue without any assumptions. Don’t let predatory pricing strategy of competitors diminish your hotel’s profitability. Find out the market trends, compare prices against your competitor and take a more informed decision. Set alerts to get disparity alerts and automate price adjustment.

So, these are the 6 best chatbots that are doing a great job in the hospitality niche. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and views on which one’s your personal favorite? We’d love to hear from you.

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