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The Top 10 Hospitality Industry Blogs You should be Reading


“The blogosphere is filled with a wealth of incredible blogs on every subject imaginable.” — Brian Clark. Just like any other modern-day service industry, the hospitality business is constantly reinventing itself with the introduction of AI, virtual butlers, and IoT, and keeping up with all of the new trends and innovations might seem like a highly daunting task. Your guests/customers are also evolving (thanks to WWW) and always using new technologies and resources to both find and book the best places to stay.

Information and technology can transfigure in a heartbeat; we all know that, and falling behind in the long race can cost you actual guests, sales, occupancy, revenue, and profits. Keeping up with the latest news, reading tips for success, and following the industry in all its facets and understanding its impact on your own business is the best way to stay ‘in the know’ and all these can be achieved via au courant blogs!

Among our favorite and top-most resources are hospitality blogs and news sites that keeps you ahead in the curve. And whilst there are a good number of them online, we’ve handpicked and curated our favorites that you’ll want to bookmark now! So, here are the top 10 hospitality industry blogs you should be reading:

1. HospitalityNetThis hospitality blog is mandatory reading not only for managers and people who own and run hotels, hostels & bed and breakfasts, it’s a great source of reading material for employees as well. Not only should you be reading HospitalityNet daily, you should subscribe to their newsletter as well, which comes out daily and does a great job of highlighting all of the best information featured on the website.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop type of hospitality blog to get all of your news and tips on how to run your establishment better, this is it! It’s also a fantastic source for people working as employees in hospitality because it lists available courses, job openings, and could come in very handy for people looking for new jobs or wanting to get better at what they do.

Top 10 Emerging Trends in Hospitality Industry

2. SkiftHospitality also includes events and no list would be complete without Skift. This site publishes event planning news, and highlights up and coming trends and recent events in detail. Their coverage of events includes fundraisers, trade shows, award shows, new venues, and more. Even if you don’t do events in one category, there’s certainly something you can use in their posts. They also feature podcasts, webinars, and other resources to pull inspiration from. Skift is a key resource for hoteliers who want to stay in the competition for the greater good. Their deep analysis and insights give all the hoteliers a benchmark so that they can perform well in terms of hotel marketing, sales, and occupancy.

3. Trilyo: The blogs that are published in this platform are diligently written according to the latest hospitality trends. It focuses on the upcoming news on the hospitality industry which keeps the hoteliers up-to-date about the status quo of the niche. The blogs focus on hotel technology, management, operations, sales, and marketing. Also, Trilyo write a number of technical blogs on AI, ML, and NLP which assists the hoteliers to make their hotels tech-savvy.

Trilyo is a very feature-heavy hospitality blog that gives you a constant influx of useful information whether you are running a hotel or working in one. Our blogs also focus on the ways to revamping guest experience and engagement which renders out-of-the-world insights to the hotel managers that assists them to redefine the customer experience. Our blogs have helped a number of hoteliers to attract millennial and business travelers to their hotels which in turn makes the brand more relevant than ever and let them stay organized! All of the great feature articles are broken up into tags and categories like– brand engagement, technology, chatbots, and smart devices like- Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 

4. Hotel SpeakIt is a hotel and travel marketing community aimed at providing actionable advice for hoteliers and hotel marketing teams. Hotel Speak provides actionable hotel marketing advice for hoteliers and hotel marketers! It’s a hotel internet marketing blog to help increase direct bookings. Hotel Speak covers luxury catering services, online marketing and digital attraction initiatives. From automated check-in guides to mobile how-to articles, Hotel Speak is a one-stop-shop for all your hospitality marketing needs. Fear not, because Hotel Speak puts each of its concepts in quick, digestible formats.

5. TnoozAnyone who feels like they are getting a little left behind by technology should be checking out Tnooz regularly. It’s all about how technology affects the travel industry. You’ll learn about all of the latest tools that consumers are using to find the best hotel experiences and how to use new technologies to keep up with the competition. Tnooz gives you all the latest news and information on all of the most important and most intriguing websites, apps and other tools that are strictly related to the hospitality industry.

6. Hotel OwnerHotel Owner is the leading hotel industry magazine, for luxury and boutique hotel owners, managers and hospitality professionals throughout the UK! Many hoteliers already use Hotel Owner as a source of industry news, but it’s also worth checking out its various other columns and blogs. The Editor’s blog is only occasionally updated, but there are plenty of other opinion pieces and features to get stuck into! This publication is all about the small boutique hotel. Filled with information on leaders and techniques for better businesses, Hotel Owner magazine is a fountain of industry information for the savvy hotelier.

7. RevinateThis company is in the business of offering innovative technology solutions to hotel owners for improving marketing and driving revenue, and their blog content definitely demonstrates their level of expertise in these fields.

The blog posts are very detailed and are perfect for all modern hoteliers who are looking to use everything that modern technology offers in order to take their businesses to the next level. It’s a great place to find out about online marketing techniques and best practices in hospitality as well as excellent data analysis tips.

8. eHospitalityTimesKeeping up on the latest news is easy with this blog, which also includes a variety of helpful articles and tips for growing your business and increasing your successes. One of the best things about eHospitality Times is how well it’s organized. All of the great feature articles are broken up into categories like Marketing, Food & Beverage, Tourism and so forth. If you’re looking for lots of great expert tips for the industry, this is a perfect place to look.

Priding itself upon its news relevancy, Hospitality Times is another website deserving of praise. It focuses on customer relationships, underlining the common problem of no face-to-face encounters. Additionally, it balances the hospitality industry’s ever-growing aspects with modern catering approaches. Far more than a simple marketing blog, Hospitality Times succeeds as a constant business companion.

9. Hotel MarketingThis blog is something that’s a little bit off the beaten path and different from regular industry blogs. Hotel Marketing shows you an assiduously handpicked collection of photos that show some of the most creative and best examples of hotel marketing from all around the world.

If you’re looking for ideas for spicing up your marketing strategies and trying something new and innovative, this is a great hospitality website to browse regularly. And it’s fun to check out, since there are no unnecessary hurdles like images/videos; just great snapshots of real hotels doing really cool things to promote themselves. This unique blog is a crowdsourced visual collection of photos, tips, and ideas that show creativity within hotel marketing that when shared, will help hotel owners around the world approach their own marketing differently.

10. Little HotelierLittle Hotelier offer front desk and reservation software for big & small hotels, guest houses and B&Bs, and the site’s resources section contains a wealth of information for businesses in those categories. Reaching and converting travel customers around the world in an ever-changing, competitive online landscape is an ongoing challenge for small accommodation providers and this can be achieved easily via the proper utilization of the latest industry related blogs.

You’ll find advice on marketing, property management, trends and technology – including interviews and guest posts from B&B owner-operators. Their blog also helps business leaders optimize their process and marketing strategy from time to time.

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