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The Top 10 High-Tech Hotels Around The World


A melange of hotels —from tiny boutiques to the biggest chains are partnering with technological giants to bring the guests an amazing in-room experience including the modern services that comes across with myriads of digi-platforms. Presuming you’re going berserk by the queue that you see at the front desk to go directly to your room and open the door with your smartwatch; streaming Netflix from your smartphone via room which has wireless speakers; changing your room temperature and getting hotel announcements from fellow guests via an app; or getting chauffeured in the hotel’s house Tesla to your meeting, it’s clear that card keys and free WiFi were just the beginning. The hotel industry which is catering millennials and other tech-lovers, is now implementing the cutting-edge updates which will completely change the guest experience and the way a hotelier engages with their guests.

Few hotel chains are already approaching the crème de la crème status with their innovation and nowadays, holographic meetings, robot concierge services, and underwater music-systems are no longer a part of science fiction—they exist in reality and are the current hotel amenities. These days, cords and wires are a mess, and phone chargers are one of the most left-behind items for hotel guests. The guests wants to move on from these conventional stuff and want to indulge in tech-oriented things that are interesting! They want an amazing experience from the hotel so that they can share it with their friends and families. As technology becomes more pervasive in our everyday lives and common travelers becoming more tech-savvy, it’s high-time for the hotels to start embracing it as well. Those old-school days are over where a simple provision for the luxury amenities would be enough to awe and inspire the travelers into staying at the same hotel over and over and make them say ‘WOW’ every time they stay in your hotel. Now, the guests expect more in-room features that will render convenience and accessibility with artistic design all of which can be achieved by implementing technology. So, let’s not digress and focus on the top 10 high-tech hotels around the world and see what are they really doing!

A High-Tech Hotel

1. Hyatt Hotels

One of the most futuristic hotels in the world is undoubtedly Hyatt! They began using Facebook Messenger in November 2015 to answer guests’ queries, let them make reservations and check availability, uses its customer relations staff to help guests on the platform. Hyatt told in a seminar, “creating and deploying a Facebook Messenger bot is something that we will explore in the future.” Hyatt is an early adopter of a new form of customer service for hotels: using Facebook Messenger to connect with guests, because in today’s world, the key to being relevant is engaging with consumers on the platforms they are using (which is mostly social media)!

Hyatt was highly interested and partnered with Conversocial, a Facebook marketing partner, to test the app as a new customer service channel. With Hyatt, for example, people can make reservations using the app, or they can simply engage in a live chat with the Hyatt team to ask free-form questions, like whether there is availability around particular holidays or about any ongoing offers including hotel’s amenities. Long-story-short, the bot installed on Facebook Messenger assisted Hyatt to boost their sales, hotel bookings, and solving customer query.

2. The W Singapore

The W Singapore upraised the average dip in the pool with underwater speakers, sounds great, right! The poolside music can also be relished inside a private cabana— which generally includes an iPad. This technology in the field of music extends to the hotel’s WOW Suite, which has its own personal booth for DJ. The sparkling LED lighting runs throughout the hotel which exhibits a futuristic and stylish tone. The W Singapore swanks their amenities by showcasing the 240-guest rooms which also features special meeting banquet hall that has mood music and signature scents. This can be easily personalized as per the guest requirement, behaviour, and preferences.

3. Henn Na Hotel Tokyo

The Henn Na Hotel commonly known to the people as the ‘Weird Hotel’, Tokyo’s Henn Na Hotel is highly depend (In a positive way) on robotics which also includes AI and Machine Learning. With androids and dinosaur-like robots the hotel check guests in at the front desk without any hassle. These robots are capable of basic conversations in Japanese or English. There’s also a miniature robotic personal assistant in each room which provides local entertainment and drinking recommendations. Apart from these, the hotel’s facial recognition system unlocks your room door instantly & the ‘Radiant Panel’ air conditioning system can easily adjust the entire room-temperature according to your body heat!

4. NH Collection Berlin Friedrichstrasse

We won’t be lying if we say the NH Hotel is a business millennial’s dream! The hotel has made holographic technology available to the guests, making 3D-image projections of meeting attendees or work presentations possible. The other hotels of this chain in Milan and Barcelona are also utilizing this technology. If inspiration strikes in your heart and soul, few guitars and keyboards can be delivered to rooms upon request! The hotel has 268 guest rooms and planners can choose from 10 different meeting spaces with a maximum capacity of 350.

5. The Hotel Silken Puerta América

The Hotel Silken Puerta America outclass all architecture standards. Each and every 12 floors in the rainbow-colored tower has been carefully designed by nineteen top-notch architects from across the globe. In an unprecedented endeavor, each floor showcases an individual architect’s vision. The world class concepts are materialized in designs in such a way that the white caves and red lacquered walls looks ethereal! Five flexible spaces on the ground floor offer 1000-person capacity for meetings and events. The hotel offers 315 guest rooms for their exclusive guests.

6. The Upper House Hong Kong

Besides being so elegantly designed, The Upper House Hong Kong utilizes the latest technologies that enriches the overall experience of a guest. The exquisite rooms are designed diligently and features automatic curtains that are fitted with motion sensors so the housekeeping team need not knock to check if guests are inside or not. Also, adding a nifty touch of personalisation, the hotel also welcomes the guests’ preference and connects with them via their preferred mode of communication – email, WeChat or WhatsApp.

7. Eccleston Square Hotel London

The hotel is housed within an historic 19th-century Georgian building, the in-room features of this luxury boutique hotel in London are decidedly 21st century. Standout “tech-treats” include bathroom mirrors that conceal flat screen TVs, fully adjustable massage beds, and SmartGlass shower walls that magically morph from frosted to transparent with the single press of a button. They are being able to remotely control the lights and music player via touch-sensitive keypads. The guests also receive a personal iPad that enables them to make various requests rendering an out of the world in-room experience from ordering room service to booking hotel beauty treatments.

8. The Yotel New York City

Boasting 665+ rooms, the Yotel is a perfect mix of pleasure and business! Inaugurated as a capsule-style property, the hotel has electronic check-in terminals, an aptly named Yobot the robot to take care of your luggage, and space-saving motorised beds and motion-activated air conditioning. The hotel refers to its front desk as ‘mission control’. Space, technology and efficiency are priorities here helping to deliver an intriguing guest experience.

9. Eccleston Square Pimlico

This hotel brings is a living amalgamation of history and cutting-edge technology. The Eccleston Square Pimlico is a unique but quintessentially British hotel which you can easily deduce from its architecture. While the exterior is a striking 19th Century Grade II listed historical facade, the interior bristles with keypads that control the music and lighting, shower walls with an instant frosting option, flat-screen televisions embedded in bathroom mirrors and iPads that provide concierge service from the comfort of the room.

10. Blow Up Hall 5050, Poland Blow Up Hall 5050 is a hotel, restaurant and bar that also doubles as an interactive work of art due to its numerous digital art installations. The lobby installation blows up images of guests through surveillance-type shots. Traditional check-in is outdated at Blow Up Hall 5050. Instead, guests find and access their rooms using a digital key sent to an iPhone provided by the hotel. Blow Up Hall 5050 contains 22 guest rooms and event spaces that can hold up to 700 people.

So, these are the top 10 hi-tech hotels in the world which have made technology their ally and seen a massive growth in their business, revenue, and hotel bookings. Join hands with us and get a free trial access to see and know how can AI-enabled voice and chat-based services redefine your guest experience by engaging your guests through hyper-personalized recommendations as per the guest’s behaviour and preferences.

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