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Increase Direct Booking Conversions To Boost Hotel Revenue


It’s not an unknown fact that the hotel industry is directly depending on the guests to generate their revenue and profits. If there are more guests the hotel will definitely be happy! But the actual question to ponder over here is how can direct hotel website conversions boost your revenue and profits? A hotel cannot neglect the fact that they need an impressive website to attract guests because that is the first thing a prospect/guest will see! In a hotel website, you can easily showcase your hotel amenities like- food, spa, and health care along with some ongoing offers and discounts.

The challenge to boost your hotel sales and revenue becomes even bigger when you’re already handling and managing the day-to-day activities and operations for your hotel. In the hospitality industry, it’s quite difficult to see the forest for the trees, sometimes because most of the activities are manual and they are really time-consuming! A hotel manager should discuss with their web team (if they have any or they can easily outsource it to a third party) that how can they optimize their hotel website to attract millennials on the go and thus increasing their conversion rate to boost hotel profits! Few ways how one can increase direct website conversions are mentioned below-

1. Effective Call To Action(CTA) on Hotel Website :-

You can always use more, better, and optimized call to action buttons to increase your conversion rate optimization. Generally, in hotel marketing, the quality matters way more than quantity—for example, it’s better to sell one relevant amenity to a guest rather than touting them to opt for the other additional features in a hotel that a guest might not need at all. But when it comes to hotel conversion marketing, both quantity, and quality matter a lot. If you don’t have proper call-to-action buttons throughout your hotel website, the prospects/guests will never ever have the right opportunity to convert!

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Hotel Industry

2. Multiple Hotel Landing Pages to Improve Conversion :-

If a hotel manager is not living under a rock they would already know the importance of having landing pages on their website. So, let us see how landing pages can boost hotel website conversions! Numerous hotels opt to offer conversions through landing pages; generally, these are standalone, static, and dedicated web pages that showcase your hotel’s value propositions to your website visitors which is very pivotal at all costs. These landing pages (most of the time) exist separately from your website, so you have the untapped and immense opportunity to cater to your design as per the needs and copy precisely to earn better and more conversions. Without any doubt, the hotel landing pages will always help skyrocket your conversion rates, but the power of landing pages dramatically and drastically changes when you several variations of landing pages (via A/B testing), segmented for each section of your target audience.

3. SEO Optimized Hotel Website for Organic Traffic :-

So, direct hotel website conversions is really an important ingredient in the recipe of success to all the hoteliers. Also, don’t forget to optimize your hotel website for the mobileand smartphone realm. You can easily check that your hotel website is mobile-friendly or not here- But why it is crucial to optimize a hotel website for mobile? The reason is quite obvious, according to a report by Vaciniti Media, the number of mobile users worldwide is 4.77 billion which is enormous! Not each and every hotel guest or prospect will browse your hotel website via laptop or PC! The chances are much higher that they would use a smartphone to visit your hotel website. So, never ever forget to utilize mobiles to attract leads because most of your future guests are present here!

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