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How Technology is Redefining Customer Experience in Hotels


Nowadays, the progressive nature of customer experience and keeping up with guests for their needs, expectations and demands is a matter of pivotal focus for the hospitality industry. As James Cash Penney once said, “Courteous treatment will make your customer a walking advertisement.” For a hospitality industry, one of the unavoidable important factors is to increase their brand relevancy, loyalty, and advocacy, but to muster all the pain points of a guest can be tiresome. How can you achieve it; by human touch, technology or its amalgamation? Another thought to ponder upon is how to reach your customers? Will social media be a good platform or the classic emails? Or simply a push notification like the SMS! Never before technology has played an important role to redefine the customer experience, and as we speak, it is changing its existing facet.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the coolest thing to happen in the hospitality industry since the front desk came into picture. AI and its techniques like- NLP has helped us to bring voice and chat-based solutions into the industry. Now a guest can easily converse with these and also, they can receive hyper-personalized recommendations as per their preferences and behavior. So, here are the following ways how technology is and will redefine the customer experience.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In order to enhance the guest experience, hotels are advancing in tech-side to enable them gather valuable guest data in other to enhance their guest experience. This trends brings the internet of things directly in your hotel room and makes you feel more comfortable.

Internet Of Things helps you to redefine the existing guest experience- Trilyo

IoT can help you in providing proactive maintenance and location-based interactions to improve your existing customer experience. Thanks to IoT, a hotel can easily check on the existing sensor-data to reckon what are the hazardous or risky trends and can notify the suitable maintenance personnel before the issue escalates. Also, IoT can send custom-tailored recommendations to the guests as per their interest, for example updated news of any nearby beach, a cafe or any tourist sightseeing place.

Front-desk Robots:

Won’t it be a jaw-dropping experience if a talking robot welcomes you at the front-desk in lieu if a human being! Yes, right? Front-desk robots are the next-big-thing and China has already implemented it in a hotelJapan is redefining their customer experience by employing a dinosaur as a receptionist and robots for the concierge service.

Front-desk robots are the latest trending habit in Hotels- Trilyo

Talking robots will understand your customers better since all the important data will be pre-fed to them. They can greet the customers by name and also the robots will know their dining habits, itineraries, and more. This kind of advancement in technology will reshape the overall guest experience and your guests will be ‘happier’ and ‘more loyal’ than before. Also, greeting robots sounds fun, isn’t it?

Exploiting Virtual Reality

VR is one of the coolest infotainment service that will entirely redefine the customer experience by providing crucial information to your device without letting you leave the room. For example, a VR info-desk attached to an AI-concierge service can be a useful guide to events and locations, also a VR video-booth can provide an interesting tour of the hotel, resort, and amenities, also the attractions that may include museums, beaches, shops, and nearby cafe and restaurants.

Virtual Reality is the next-big-thing that will redefine the customer experience in hotels - Trilyo

Marriott Hotels are the very first in the industry to introduce VR in their hotels, they call it as ‘VRoom Service’. VR can help you to redefine your customer experience by providing you various surrounding information that actually matters to you and helps your guests to connect better with your hotels.

Voice-based solutions

This service is ultra-crucial when it comes to redefine your customer experience because the voice-based solutions give your customers hyper-personalized recommendations based on their behaviour and preferences. With the help of Trilyovoice-based service, you can engage your customers by solving real-time queries and providing concierge services; e.g. if your customer wants a fresh set of towels, they can communicate over a IoT device and get the thing done.

Amazon Alexa helps you to provide hyper personalised recommendations- Trilyo

Chat-based solutions

Chat-based solutions, chatbots or a conversational bot is an interesting way to engage with your customers, because they respond fast; really fast! Also, they are smart, since they are built with the latest AI norms, like- NLP. Chatbots understand your query & preferences and render proper solutions in seconds. How? The chatbot learns automatically, without any human help; the more the conversation, the better it understands your guests.

Chatbot/Voicebot helps you to drastically improve customer experience- Trilyo

If you have chatbots on your website, your guests won’t have to download any additional apps because all their query is getting solved real-time. Since, apps are synonymous to clutter and hassles, you can cut it from your guests’ lives by having chatbots on your website and can make their lives ‘easier’ and ‘happier’. 

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Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Hotel Industry

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