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Part 2- How AI in Hotels can Automate Concierge Services


In our previous blog, we have enlightened you on how AI is improving the existing guest experience in hotels via machine learning and automation! As said, this is going to be a blog-series; we will discuss about– how AI can automate concierge services in hotels through this blog. So, let’s continue! Many of us now use small doses of AI in day-to-day life (like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa), but hotels are putting this once-sci-fi technology to more widespread use. From concierge robots to personalized rooms to lively chatbots, your next holiday may include help from some artificially intellectualized friends.

While you may miss, say, the smile or handshake you get from their human counterparts, these systems can create hyper-personalized experiences and comprehensively upgrade the level of service during your stay. Keep an eye out for these features at your next check-in. Some hotels are using robots to beef up customer service. In Germany, the newest outpost of the budget chain Motel One in Munich uses a lederhosen-clad humanoid concierge named Sepp to greet and entertain all the guests. With the capability to answer all kinds of questions, personal and general, Sepp learns as he goes (via natural conversation), getting smarter over time, and engages people in a whole new way. Want to know when breakfast is being served or how to get to the bar? Sepp is your man…erer…android. Because he’s constantly learning, his answers will get more precise the more he interacts.

AI robots not only diminish the human involvement with its voice-activated assistants but also smarten the way hotel guest service is delivered to customer’s satisfaction. From customer’s personal choices to their smallest of needs, AI-enabled hotel concierge bots can offer minute service and careful assistance.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, the M Social hotel is using a front-of-house robot called Aura to deliver small amenities like water, towels, and toiletries to rooms. Another robot, Ausca, cooks your eggs in the morning. Elsewhere in the city, Hotel Jen uses colorful butler robots named Jeno and Jena to perform guest services that include in-room dining delivery. Looking to the future, LG showed an even more engaging range of hospitality robots called CLOi at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. (Pronounced ‘Kloh-ee’), these bots can, among other things, clean up, serve food and drinks with a built-in sliding tray, handle baggage and payments at check-in and checkout, and provide directions. Though not in hotels yet, CLOi got its first successful trial at this year’s PyeongChang Olympics, cleaning floors at the Main Press Center.

Big Brands Using AI as Concierge Service:

1. Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide’s AI concierge, Connie was arguably the first true AI-powered concierge bot. Standing at almost two feet high, Connie is a bipedal robot with which guests could interact when arriving at the check-in desk. Using the computing power of IBM’s Watson AI and travel database WayBlazer, Connie can advise guests on local attractions and interesting sites. Connie also has the ability to fine-tune its responses by learning from frequent requests. Being a physical robot, you have to go to the desk to use the service, but it is very smart and can understand and respond to any of your query instantly.

2. Edwardian Hotels

Guests staying at Radisson Blu owned Edwardian Hotels can request the assistance of AI chat bot “Edward” by text message. The group stated in a press release that Edward is “designed to deliver exceptional experiences for guests who prefer digital brand interaction”. Edward can deliver information on local bars and restaurants as well as deal with complaints. Like Cosmopolitan’s Rose, when Edward can’t deliver the goods, hotel staff are standing by to step in.

Concierge Service

3. Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Enter the AI-powered hotel concierge. AI is becoming smarter, more useful and a real boost for the guest experience. Never has this been more evident than in Rose, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ new AI concierge. Where Rose differs from many existing chatbots is in its personality. You’re first made aware of this by the calling card, which guests receive on check-in. It reads, “Know my secrets. Text me,” and “I am the answer to the question that you never asked.”

The card serves as a prelude to the conversational tone taken by the chat bot. It also has a phone number which you can text at any time, for just about anything you might want. In many cases, Rose will handle queries by itself but for anything it can’t handle, hotel staff can fill in the blanks. Rose can also advise on entertainment and things to do on and around the resort. What this means for guests is that they can literally have whatever they want, whenever they want it and they don’t even have to lift a finger.

4. Wynn Hotels

Las Vegas is a giant hub of opulent, posh world-class hotels that are known to offer exceptional luxury and customer experience. Recently, Wynn Las Vegas has made an announcement saying that it will integrate Amazon Echo to digitize its 4,748 hotel rooms in order to offer their guests tremendous control over multiple facilities using their mere voice. It will start with controlling room lighting, temperature, TV, draperies, and they are likely to leverage Echo’s personal assistant services as well.

How Artificial Intelligence is Automating Concierge Services

The hospitality industry has realized that in-depth customer service, paired with properly-harnessed customer insight, is the best key to increase revenue and sales. This is why we have begun to see a rise in mature-service hotels where customers not only enjoy a hotel’s interior charm but are also equally satisfied with effective AI robot concierge services. WIth AI, a hotel manager can easily save their valuable time and can utilize it to focus on other priority stuff.

In the last few years, we have managed to feel comfortable with voice assistants on the go as well as at home, bridging the gap between machine and humans. The hospitality industry now has the next generation of the hotel concierge. Apple’s Siri started providing voice-activated assistance to its mobile users to an extent that it has become almost a norm now. Amazon Echo and Alexa have also joined the race of creating a richer, more delightful customer experience using the power of machine learning of AI software.

Ever since the artificially intelligent system has crept into the hotel industry, the hospitality sector is abuzz with AI’s ability to learn about customers using its data analytics platform that helps hotel staff create a better frame of customers. Utilizing the full potential of AI software, they can capture a gamut of information about: customer purchases, travel choices, journey patterns and itinerary, location preferences, hotel rating related inquiries, and payment methods. The knowledge gathered thus can further be translated into providing insightful experience to hotel guests as they travel, inquire, stay and enjoy the luxurious hotel amenities.

Digital Concierge Service via AI

Travelers have evolved lately and desire a great mixture of high-grade personalization and exceptional serviced standards on the go. On the other hand, hotel operations are complicated by heavy amounts of data about visitors and hotel staff. This creates critical challenges related to ensuring a flawless customer experience. This is where intelligent travel phones can come to assist.

What have we learnt?

Even though AI is regarded as the emerging technology trend, the hospitality industry has already experienced incredible benefits and wide impact on their business momentum. From AI-powered robotic concierge service to voice-activated assistants and AI-backed chatbots accelerate customer experience, Artificial Intelligence is changing the hotel industry. The technology enables personalized concierge services, offers real-time recommendations, and easy service requests management.

So, now you know how Artificial Intelligence in hotels is automating the concierge services and assisting the hotel managers to improve guest experience by engaging the guests in new ways.

This is 2nd part of the AI blog-series and we will release the 3rd (the final part) of the blog pretty soon! So, now, do you also wish for a better guest engagement in your hotel? Do you ponder over implementing AI in your hotel? It’s never too late! Schedule a demo and we will tell you more about AI-enabled chatbots & voice-based services and how can you utilize them to bring in more guests and redefine your customer experience and take it to a whole new level.

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