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Easy Hotel Marketing Strategies To Attract New Customers


When it comes to hotel marketing, it’s about developing a hotel marketing strategy that recognizes the need for a strong online presence. Today, a hotel guest gets to know about your hotel (brand) via internet. Gone are those days where a guest ask their friends and relatives before booking a hotel room! So, it’s not enough to be listed on online travel sites anymore– these days, the guests will also research your website, check out all hotel reviews, and look for what you say about yourself (so, always be careful and attentive about reviews and testimonials).

Nowadays, we all are in a hunt to gain a competitive edge over our contemporaries! Aren’t we? Staying aligned with this focus, in this post, we have discussed few of the best hotel industry marketing strategies. Some key and essential marketing trends and strategies for the hospitality industry are listed below, especially the ones that you just cannot ignore. In order to survive this tough, intricate, and highly competitive industry in these harsh contemporary times, it is essential for the hotels in the sector to prepare themselves with modern hotel marketing strategies that can allow them to stay afloat as well as attract new customers on the go. So, let’s see how you can attract more customers to your hotel and boost your bookings and revenue on the go.

1. Chat-based services 

Personalization has become something of a buzzword in the hospitality sector these recent years. Rendering personalized services via voice and chat-based solutions to the guests is of pivotal importance because each and every guest in your hotel has different demand and needs; there’s ‘no one size fits all’ in hospitality. You will have to understand your guests better and in more depth to make your brand more relevant. With personalized services, your guests will become a walking advocate of your hotels (purely pro bono) and with word of mouth advertising and publicity you can attain tons of traction for your business.

For hospitality, voice-based services brings a world of possibilities, from enabling staff to communicate with each other faster, to offering a new and more remarkable customer experience to hotel guests. While on the subject of guests, it’s important for hoteliers to acknowledge that the modern traveler requires options and diversity. Every day, they are presented with many hotel and accommodations alternatives, offering many different services and features, each of them meant to cater to their specific needs and expectations.

Exclusive Guide to Customer Engagement

The millennial travellers are tech-savvy and they demand high tech-standards during their stay in the hotels. Keeping this in mind, the hotels must employ chat-based services; these will act as a digital concierge services and the guests’ query and issues can be solved real-time. This type of services is also able to up-sell and cross-sell your services; for example, your hotel has an inbuilt cafe & playing arena, so with the help of chat-based services you can recommend the guests to visit these areas and also, you can easily notify them about your existing offers and discounts; if any! Chat-based services are trending these days and many hotels are employing these type of services for better guest engagement by skyrocketing customer experience and increasing their revenues.

2. Devise ingenious loyalty programs

Rewards or loyalty programs are popular within the hospitality industry, and for good reason! Both common and millennial travelers are loyal to hotel brands they can trust, demonstrate consistent value, and customize an experience both while on property and in between stays. In fact, a Wunderman study showed 79% of consumers only consider brands that show they care and understand about their individual needs.

Customers in loyalty programs return twice as often. Did you know that Trilyo can set you up for a loyalty program? The Trilyo Bot can assist you in maintaining a separate CRM and can automatically send SMS and emails to the listed guests in all digital touch points. Once you have this in place, you should see more frequently returning customers.

A hotel, with their customer loyalty programs should focus on the happiness of the guests because a happy customer is a walking advertisement for your hotel. The best part of a happy customer is that they are also loyal and they will always come back to you. Another way of creating more and more number of happy customers is to make your brand more relevant. Anyone can achieve better brand relevancy by- inspiration, innovation, customer obsession, and pragmatism.

Also, better customer satisfaction is a point of differentiation for your business, it segregates you from your contemporaries all the time. In a competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers; customer satisfaction is seen as a key-differentiator. Hotel businesses who succeed in these cut-throat environment are the ones that make customer satisfaction a key element of their business strategy. Companies who offer amazing customer experiences create environments where satisfaction is high and customer advocates are plenty.

3. Tour of your hotel via VR

One of the biggest barriers that people face in choosing a hotel is knowing what their room will look like. But thanks to advancement in technology it’s not the bane of one’s life any more! By providing a virtual tour, you’ll give your prospects an idea of what they should expect so that they can visualize the value of what you can provide immediately. VR is one of the coolest infotainment service that will entirely redefine the customer experience by providing crucial information to your device without letting you leave the room.

For example, a VR info-desk attached to an AI-concierge service can be a useful guide to events and locations, also a VR video-booth can provide an interesting tour of the hotel, resort, and amenities, also the attractions that may include museums, beaches, shops, and nearby cafe and restaurants. Marriott Hotels are the very first in the industry to introduce VR in their hotels, they call it as ‘VRoom Service’. VR can help you to redefine your customer experience by providing you various surrounding information that actually matters to you and helps your guests to connect better with your hotels.

Also, selling a premium hotel room or holiday experience, or distinguishing it from rival offerings, is an increasingly challenging task for marketers and brands in the hospitality industry. The VR-enabled devices can provide both inspiration and innovation when selling hotel rooms or travel packages to travel agents, wholesalers, event planners and then on to consumers in increasingly competitive markets.

4. Optimize guests’ insights: 

Hotel industry marketing strategy will now have to take into account customer insights in their marketing campaigns. The success of a hospitality establishment depends entirely on the perception that the customers have; if they find faults, customers are not afraid to share with other customers online about the various issues that they have encountered.

New call-to-action

Hoteliers need to be able to unlock the information available to them and determine how it translates directly to their everyday process, beyond the limited confines of a spreadsheet or report. With this in mind, the implementation of a platform to assist the hotelier with managing all this information is key, not only to gain insight from the data but to clarify how to use that insight effectively.

By understanding topics each guest mentions on digital platform and general preferences, a hotelier can ensure their experience meets and exceeds their expectations. On a basic level, it can be as simple as the hotel knowing the guest’s travel purpose. While on a business trip, a guest is more likely to feel their time is limited. With this travel schedule in mind, offering on-property food and beverage services makes sense, and informing them of on-property specials may increase the revenue potential of this guest.

Focusing on the customer service in the hospitality industry is the key to sustained growth. As such, when conducting any hotel industry market research, hotels must gauge who their customers are, and what they need in terms of service and entertainment so that as a business, you can improve on these things. Customer insights can be implemented easily as long as hotels ask the right questions!

5. Track guests via CRM: 

In the hospitality industry, nothing is more important than your guests. Knowing how to best serve them and communicate with them is key to having them come back. A CRM enabled platform like Trilyo empowers you to serve your guests well by storing all their information in one place, allowing you to personalize their experience and ensure a return visit.

The hospitality industry is a broad category that includes transportation, tourism, lodging and any other business that features customer satisfaction and enjoyment as part of the service they are providing. It encompasses a large range of different businesses with unique customer data needs. CRM software is adaptable and can assist hotels to build better and valuable customer insights.

It can be set up and installed based on your hotel’s specific goals. It is important that an organization is aware of what they are trying to achieve and improve from their customer interactions before they install CRM for hospitality solutions. A company should find a CRM partner or software willing to be hands-on in the implementation phase and that can set up the software according to the company’s objectives.

6. Hello, Social Media! 

It goes without saying that social media is one of the most important channels for marketing for many segments. Social media is a way to create dialogue, especially with millennials who love to share news about themselves online. Some of the top social media platforms are Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to attract new guests.

Hoteliers can engage with their target audience on any of these, especially Facebook, as it is a two-way communication channel. Many hotels chains have accounts/pages on social channels where the guests can post videos and travel pictures with the ‘best moment at the hotel’. This will make sure that hotel owners are engaging enough with their guests. With a good experience and service that the guest gets at the hotel, they build sort of affinity with the brand. Social media is an incredible way to encourage interaction with past, current and future visitors.

So, now you know how to attract new customers with these hotel marketing strategies! Schedule a demo with us and we will assist you to increase your hotel revenue as well as direct bookings and take it to a whole new level by attracting new guests. It’s never too late! Join hands now to bring change in your business that matters and see it grow instantly.

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