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Are Hotels Ready for Chatbots & Voice Bots?


The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world as tens of thousands of tourists and business travelers are going from one place to another in order to attend vacations, seminars, and business meetings. Since this niche is rapidly blooming, the demand for implementing the latest technologies is highly increasing and many hotels (including a number of chain and independent ones) have already started implementing chatbots and voice-based assistants.

Evolving Technology

Technology is continuously changing and redefining the guest experience in hotels via rendering hyper-personalized and diligently-tailored recommendations to the guests on the basis of their intentions and preferences. Do you really know what is the best part of deploying a chatbot in your hotel website or Facebook page? It makes your hotel available online 24* 7 without the need of hiring an external (or internal) customer care representative. So, what’s good about it? As a hotel manager, you won’t have to spend any extra effort or money and you can use this saved money in some other place where it is unavoidably necessary like training your staff members!

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Apart from these functionalities, a chatbot stays with the guest from pre-booking to post-stay and provides an amazing overall experience to the guests. Hotels are preparing themselves in all norms to adapt to these latest technologies. Many hotels have outsourced 3rd party developers to build an AI-enabled chatbot for them. These AI-enabled chatbots are built on NLP and can understand when a guest has arrived at the hotel. With precognition, the chatbot can ask the guest to try the hotel’s spa and sauna and get relaxed!

Hotels are adopting the chatbots because they have a super-power! What’s that? A chatbot can easily upsell and cross-sell your hotel services! A regular guest staff is unable to do these activities because they only focus on selling! They don’t have any idea on how to cross-sell a service thus they always end up with touting, and for obvious reasons a hotel guest hates that! This can heavily damage your hotel reputation as the guest might put a negative online review of your hotel and other potential guests can see this and they might refuse to book a room with you in the future which will make you suffer huge financial loss.

A hotel should utilize a chatbot since the bot can be designed and developed in multiple languages! But how is this beneficial for a hotel? Let us understand with an example! Just think that a foreigner guest comes to your hotel and he starts speaking in German and your front-desk doesn’t understand German! It will be a very embarrassing situation for your hotel and also this type of event can diminish your reputation but the chatbot can take care of this since it is multilingual and has the capability to understand and respond to any language possible. Now, language won’t be a problem anymore!

Do you know the hotels are using chatbots because they have an amazing capability to remarket your services even after the guest has left from your hotel! But how? You can ask the bot development company to build a chatbot with an inbuilt CRM functionality and by doing this you can hassle freely engage your hotel guests on all the available digital platforms like- social media, SMS, and emails. You can easily inform the guests about your latest services and other relatable information like ongoing offers and discounts which will attract them to your hotel any time they visit your city!

Now, let us talk about voice bots or voice-based assistants! Are the hotels ready for these sorts of advancement? And the answer is Yes! For example, AI-based services are now available at the Edwardian Hotels-owned Radisson Blu where a guest can demand any hotel services of an AI-enabled voice assistant via a simple voice-query. These smart devices can act as your virtual butler and they have the potential to do almost anything! The best part of utilizing a voice-based assistant in your hotel is that the guest won’t have to disturb the staff, reception or front-desk personnel in order to resolve their queries. The guest can directly reach out to the voice-activated assistants and they will take care of everything from WiFi based issues to delivering several other hotel amenities to a guest’s room!

Nowadays, Amazon Alexa is being utilized in most of the hotels because of its high bespoking capability. So, what you’ve to do? You will have to just say- Hey, Alexa and the smart device will start responding to your queries as soon as possible. Thanks to AI, now you won’t have to install any 3rd party application to converse! By this, you can easily save considerable effort and time and can focus it on other priority works! Due to its ease of usability, the Amazon Echo is starting to show its nascency by beginning to appear in a number of hotel rooms as an inseparable part of experiment in which most of the hoteliers are attempting to redefine their existing guest experience and to streamline several hotel operations by astutely automating all the common requests, such as dining recommendations. So, you can say that finally, the hotels are ready for chatbots and voice bots!

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