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7 Questions To Ask Before Your Hotel Adds A Chatbot


The technology is evolving at an unstoppable rate. There was a time when paper notebooks were used to maintain the hotel’s data which again replaced with a computer system. And now these trends are also changing with the mobile devices supporting GPS, chatbots, games, amusements, and many more. Hotel booking is just a few click task which only requires a reliable platform and communication channel to provide details for the reservation especially if it integrates chatbot to make your journey trouble free. If you are one of them planning to incorporate this solution in your hotel platform, there might be a few questions strike to your head. Let’s explore the answer to these problems:

1) What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an intelligent conversational model designed to assist visitors and consumers by providing the best answer to their query. These bots are the fruitful result achieved by mixing the art of Artificial Intelligence and its associated technologies.

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2) How will I integrate chatbot into my hotel’s website?

Unlike the traditional computing environment where the development of such application was a time-consuming task which requires a large infrastructure setup and workforce, this new technological era provides a better solution to these problems. Here GUI is replaced with the CUI (Conversational User Interface).

To integrate this chatbot into your application, website or messenger, you need a complete understanding of the technologies driving this development. To explore these technologies in-depth, you can leverage the blogs, video tutorials or online available resources such as Masters in Artificial Intelligence. Once you understand the core modules of this technology, you can fit chatbot effectively. All you need is a platform to deploy and execute your code. Once done, integrate it with your platform and start providing a better user experience with personalization and many more.

If you don’t have any prior coding experience, you can leverage available software as a service such as Bot society to build and integrate your chatbot in the hotel’s website, messaging platform or application.

3) How will it resolve the issues faced by human support?

In traditional consumer support companies lacks in providing adequate support to consumers. There can be many reasons- data unavailability, less, etc. These obstacles can be quickly taken over with the chatbots. They resolve customer query with its powerful data-driven approach. A survey reveals that 83 percent of consumers complete their online purchases if there is any chat assistance provided to them.

For travelers, this technology has emerged as a powerful mixture of enhanced personalization and assistance. Since hotel management receives a lot of data from the customer’s queries and other operations such as booking, menu, etc. The increased complexity faced by management halts at this customer experience issue. And that is where this smart technology come into existence.

Quick, real-time response and data availability improve personalization so that user can make queries. Since they are intelligent programs, they will assist customers 24*7 until they don’t face any technical issues. According to Gartner, 25 percent of the companies will deploy this chatbot technology in their work culture by 2025. This figure was just limited to two percent in 2017. It is the main reason hotels across the whole world are leveraging this channel to improve relations with the customer.

The best part is- instead of hiring a team of 20 people for providing customer assistance in the hotel, you can use this one person army. According to McKinsey report, 70 percent of the consumer’s purchase is dependent on how they get treated by the dealer.

 4) How can I build a smart UX flow?

An intelligent chatbot deal with the user asking smart questions which provide an accurate path in customers’ journey. It means you can create an algorithm with multiple kinds of inquiries triggering the right response from the customer. For hotel management, it is the best platform to initiate a booking process.

5) What if a customer wanted to interact with the Human?

If chatbot will be unable to serve a human with their need in some cases- this query is transferred to the staff who already have complete information about the customer from the chat conversation. Thus, they can engage them in a good way.

6) How will it manage Hotel reservation service?

Hotel chatbots have the potential to provide a far better experience than a booking website. Even booking websites have created their bots for this job. There is no need to click multiple times on your display; this messaging agent will provide a natural experience where you will feel like you are talking to a person. The journey of this whole process starts by giving journey details such as date, destination, special requirements, etc. According to the provided data, the bot will come up with the best deal.

7) What if the customer belongs to some other metropolitan city? 

If your hotel is in some tourist place or metropolitan location, there are chances of having guests from all over the world. Maybe your staff is multi-lingual, but they do not know all these languages. Chatbot will eliminate this language barrier by originating a door of communication between guest and staff. The machine translation models used by these chatbots help them to assist through several languages.

With all these incredible solutions, chatbot has emerged as a powerful way to attract qualified leads to your hotel. Rest is assured- more revenues and fame. 

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