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5 Quick Tips to Increase Users for your Hotel Chatbot


 Following our last article about 6 reasons why your hotel needs a chatbot, in this post we focus on the simple ways to increase the number of people who are using your hotel chatbot.

Well, for those who are still unaware, chatbots are conversational robot agents designed to imitate human conversation with its human users. Powered by artificial intelligence, they are fast-becoming the norm in the hotel industry.

Read on to find out how you could reach an incredible number of interactions and traffic within your chatbot. 

1. The Power of an Action Button

Once your potential customers have started to browse your property, the next step would be to or lead them to booking a room and to check prices for the same. The idea is to redirect them to Messenger and gain valuable customers within the chatbot itself. 

A “Book Now” call-to-action button should be placed strategically on your page that calls for immediate booking action. This is going to keep the conversation within Facebook Messenger besides adding to an enhanced user experience. 

2. A Message Us Button as your 24×7 Brand Voice

As many as 90% of your potential customers get turned off and walk away when there is no one to answer guest queries in real time. You may not realize, but this simple widget can actually do wonders to your website too. Adding a message us button makes it possible for users to ask questions while they are still exploring your website content. They are directed to your Messenger which also allows the conversation to keep going even after the visitor has closed down the website. 

There are many tools that have prevailed for long such as email marketing, social media and the likes that allow one-to-many communications. In other words they make it easy to target a large audience. However, these tools do not allow companies to communicate with people at a personal level. 

Fortunately, Trilyo’s round-the-clock live chat support uses Facebook Messenger to provide the right answers in a personalized manner. This saves a lost of staff time and expense without having you to hire a representative to do the same. 

“Adding a chatbot empowers you to respond immediately to up to 80% of the most common queries.”

3. Prepare to Launch Facebook Retargeting Ads

There is no point in endorsing your property or chatbot to a random population having no interest in your venue or even in the intent of traveling. Besides, it is highly unlikely that people might book with you the first time they stumble upon your website. A great way to start the promotion of your chatbot would be to target those who are looking to book near you or have already checked out your website. 

Here’s why Facebook retargeting ads are a boon to your business. A retargeting campaign on Facebook allows you to show ads to users who have already visited your website. It makes much sense because these are the ones who have shown some interest in your business.

Using Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature helps you target the right audience, engage them in a delightful conversation with your hotel chatbot and possibly win them over as your customers! Start turning conversations into conversions today, because all you have to do is start talking! Find out here.

Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature helps you target the right audience. Image Source:

4. Provide an end-to-end experience

Believe it or not, but your hotel chatbot can conduct almost every action necessary for your business. Earlier, with push notifications you had to convince guests to download your mobile app and turn them on. Most often guests found these annoying and some even ended up blocking you. With a chatbot, you can notify users inside of apps they already have, like Facebook Messenger, Kik and Slack.

What’s more? Having your hotel’s chatbot could fetch you savings upto 30% in customer support services.

So many good things…but hold on! Don’t get lost! Trilyo’s 24×7 virtual assistant will display your hotel’s rooms and their pricing, arrange for pickups for your guests upon their arrival, grant instant check-ins and check-outs with an exhaustive concierge service. Hotelogix and Checkfront are two PMS platforms we love boasting about as they allow your guests to complete seamless transactions on our unique one-stop solution.

5. Promote your chatbot within your database

Facebook Messenger boasts of more than 1.2 billion monthly users, which means that these days almost everyone has an account. This means users will not need to insert their name or email address every time they wish to connect with you as their login already exists on the mobile app. 

So what’s great about this? Each time a user sends you a message, you’ll have access to all past user history with relevant information specific to that guest. Brands are able to send these messages in a personalised way at the right time. The best part is that it is done through one of the most popular apps on everyone’s smartphone! 

Now that you know where your potential audience (practically) lives, and have access to contact them, you must let them know of your available services. There are multiple options you can choose from to start a campaign right away.

Retarget your audience in a personalized way using your CRM database.

While Facebook Messenger lets you contact people via Messenger, SMS campaigns lets you send them an SMS to announce the new service using your CRM database. Inserting a direct link of your messenger in the SMS would entice the guest to open it and test your service. E-mail targeting has been around for a very long time and your hotel has probably already implemented a strategy like that. Just make use of this, and dedicate one of the emails you usually send to your guests to announce the new service.

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