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5 Best Customer Touchpoints For Hotels to Impress Guests


Before delving deeper into the blog, let us first know what does cross-channel communication stand for? So, according to Selligenta cross-channel communication is tracking the user behavior and preferences on various communication touchpoints and to optimize and adapt accordingly to achieve the best conversion rates. With the help of proper utilization of all the touchpoints, you can reach where your customers are already present. You don’t have to annoy them with cold-calling or send unwanted push notifications! In our previous blog, we have seen that with the help of technology, you can redefine your customer experience and now let us know which are the most optimal and the best cross-channel platforms for a hospitality industry.

An Interactive Website:

Having an online presence is of utmost importance & priority to all businesses and for the hospitality industry, the availability of a website cannot be missed at any cost. Your guests visit your website to stay up-to-date with you, like- the prices of your rooms and check-in/out time. You can easily reach your guests via the website and also, you can tell them more about the upcoming features. Make the most of your website – give emphasis on the UI/UX, make your search option visible, and use vibrant colors to make your guests stay longer; use easy login features and provide custom-tailored suggestions to your guests on your website to redefine the guest experience. These days several companies are integrating chatbots to talk to their customers and make their business available 24*7. Trilyo helps you to easily integrate chatbots on your website so that you can easily engage your customers in a better way.

An interactive website helps the guests to stay longer-Trilyo

Potential of Social Media:

Forrester says – 60% of the guests in a hotel are social travelers and they love to stay online most of their time. So, it can be easily deduced that social media is an unavoidable platform to retarget your guests. Most of the travelers nowadays are millennials and they demand better connectivity with their surroundings and friends, so the hospitality industry can easily reach out to them, here! For example, the latest information on any ongoing offers and introduction to new amenities of your hotel can be shared directly on your social media page(s) so the guests can follow and know more about them. Utilize social media to its fullest potential to render a better guest experience to the millennial travelers.

Social media is a great touchpoint -Trilyo

Information on Call:

We all know that people went mobile and there are almost 3.88 billion mobile subscribers present in the world; so, for a hospitality industry, it is not a tough-guess that most of the millennial travelers, as well as regular ones, are always available for a quick call. Redefine your guest experience by calling them with their names because the customers prefer verbal interaction with businesses and they want to know more about you, so a call is always a good idea. Also, if the segment of the hospitality industry has a specialized sales-support or a customer-outreach team they can notify the guests about their latest offers, pricing structure, and several other details on phone. Netpeak says 63% of the overall hot-calling is successful and people shows genuine interest in calls either when you ask something or give any particular information to them.

engage your customers by calling -Trilyo

Classic Emails:

“If you’re running a real business, email is still the most effective way to universally reach people who have expressed interest in your product or site. For that, it really can’t be beaten.” – Colin Nederkoorn.For the hospitality industry, the good ol’ emails always work impeccably. According to a report by RadiCati, 269 billion emails are sent on a daily basis and there are 3.7 billion email users worldwide, so emails are one of the best available cross-channel communication platform in the world. For the hospitality industry, emails are also a cost-effective and an easy mode of communication and the most conspicuous advantage of employing emails in your business is that – you can do a lot of personalization for redefining your guest experience and also, you can make the guests perform some action by employing a CTA button, like- ‘Continue Booking’

send promotional offers and other piece of info- over email- Trilyo-1.jpg

The Good Old SMS:

Let’s break the ice with some facts: 98% of the SMS delivered to your inbox are always read and most of them only in 15 minutes! Quite interesting, isn’t it? Without a single sense of doubt, SMS is one of the most-effective cross-channel touchpoints for the hospitality industry. You can easily enhance and uplift the preset standards of customer experience in hospitality industry by sending relevant SMS to the guests (offers, booking discounts, price drop-offs, and more). With the power of SMS, you can send lots of useful information to the customers without the prerequisite of an internet connection. Also, reaching out to your guests with SMS is clutter-free and people answer texts far more than phone calls or emails.

SMS is the surefire way to reach your customers-Trilyo

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