AI Chatbots for Hotels

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, increase direct hotel bookings by adding a personalized touch in every conversation.

Trilyo Acquire that help hotels in lead capturing, virtual customer support and direct bookings

Why Acquire?

Qualify Lead and close sales

Qualify Leads with Artificial Intelligence

Customer interaction 24x7

24x7 Automated Customer Service

Actionable customer insights with AI

Grow direct bookings & improve conversion

Talk with customers in multi-lingually

Automated Multilingual Chatbot

AI enabled bot for hotels by Trilyo

Increase Website Conversions

Now turn conversation into conversion with AI-enabled chatbot for hotels

Captures lead effortlessly, get notified every time about a new lead, track every interaction, collect customers expectations and close sales faster without sales person. And the best part is, it works across multiple messaging platforms!

24x7 Customer Service Multilingually

24x7 Automated Customer Service

The multilingual AI hotel chatbot works round-the-clock to answer all the customer queries.

It responds to myriads of chat and takes care of your business even as you sleep! So, why deploy a human representative when it can all be done with a simple, chatbot - tailored, just for hotels that handle guests queries 24x7, automatically. Interesting and amusing thing is that it gets smarter with every conversation.

Capture customers intent with Trilyo AI-driven bot

Direct Bookings with Personalization

Personalize every customer interaction and drive repeat customers to your hotel website

Trilyo chatbot for hotels capture customer’s intent while they browse through your hotel website. It provides an agent commission free channel and gives hoteliers insights which would help them grow their revenue upto two times by Direct Bookings.