30% Increase in Direct Bookings for Hotels, Hostels & Resorts

Grow your Hotel Sales by increasing direct bookings with Trilyo’s Hotel Chatbot, Push Notifications, FOMO Messaging, Rate Parity & Direct Booking Boosters.

Growing Direct Booking by over 30%

The perfect solution for any hotelier looking to maximize revenue and reduce OTA commission

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Increase direct hotel booking

Grow Direct Bookings

Is your hotel looking for marketing strategies that can increase direct bookings on the website? You are at the right place

Hotels have been losing 15% of their total online booking revenue to OTAs, hence by increasing direct bookings hotels can lower the cost of acquisition and increase their bottom line in the balance sheet. Using Trilyo’s push notifications and booking boosters, hotels can engage website visitors and turn their booking engine into a direct booking magnet.

  • Website Conversions
  • Direct Hotel Bookings
Reduce OTA Commission & Dependency

Reduce OTA Dependency

Don’t lose your hotel bookings to OTAs. Instead, focus on strategies to increase direct website bookings and improve Brand’s Relevance

Are you also worried about ~25% of OTA commission? We are too! Say no to OTA bookings by streamlining the booking process on your hotel website. Identify the right guest that has a high likeliness to book & increase the direct booking conversion by over 30%.

  • Reduce Booking Commission
  • Maximize Revenue
Hotel Sales & Revenue

Revenue Maximization

Irrespective of the type of hotel or number of hotel rooms, maximizing revenue should be one of the top priorities for all hoteliers.

Hotel revenue can be maximized if we can significantly increase the percentage of total leads interested to total conversions (customers). Regain up to 10% of lost direct hotel bookings by sending an automated high converting email & cart abandonment reminder and assist your high-quality leads in completing the booking process.

  • Recover Lost Revenue
  • Auto Converting Email
Competitors in Hotel Industry

Competitive Advantage

Take control of your hotel price against competitors, build a strategy to maximize revenue without any assumptions.

Don’t let predatory pricing strategy of competitors diminish your hotel’s profitability. Find out the market trends, compare prices against your competitor and take a more informed decision. Set alerts to get disparity alerts and automate price adjustment.

  • Rate Parity Engine
  • Disparity Alert

Happy Customers

Voice based services in-room with Alexa

Engaging guests with Voice Assistant

Humans are born with the best tool ever to communicate that comes to us intuitively and have been using it for thousands of years if not less. Yes that is voice indeed. Now flaunt your futuristic in-room guest experience with Trilyo’s voice services running on hardwares like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

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